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Ideas For Creative Sports Trophies

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If you are in charge of obtaining sports trophies for a team that you manage or on which you are a member and you are looking for something that is more creative, unique and distinctive than a standard trophy, here are some ideas that can help you earn laughs and appreciation.

Biggest Whiner Trophy -- For some laughter and fun, you can have a trophy made to bestow upon the biggest complainer on your team. Whiner trophies are usually made with a crying baby sculpture on top of whatever base you want to use. You can engrave a small plaque with the words, 'Biggest Team Whiner,' and the name of the person who has earned the trophy. Choices for the base of the trophy include marble, which is more expensive, or reinforced plastic. The whiner trophy is a light-hearted way to have some fun with your trophy presentations.

Display Case Trophy -- A display case trophy is an ideal way to honor your team's most valuable player. Typically, you would place a ball or object that is used to play the game inside the display case. So for example if you are honoring a basketball player, you would place a basketball inside the trophy case and engrave a plate on the base of the trophy with the person's name and the name of the award. The display case can be customized to fit whatever object is inside, including cricket balls, golf balls, rugby balls, soccer balls and bowling balls. You can also put uniforms, bats and helmets in a display case as an option. The display case glass is typically made of acrylic, but you can order real glass for more money.

Bobblehead Trophy -- Bobblehead dolls with the likeness of famous athletes have become very popular at sporting events. You can capitalise on this trend by making bobblehead sports trophies, which can be a big hit with youth sports awards or for adults. Bobblehead trophies range from inexpensive ones made from plastic, to ones made from silver, gold-plating and even platinum that are very expensive. You can also order a bobblehead sports trophy in which the head of the figurine is replaced by a soccer ball, basketball, baseball or rugby ball, depending on what sport your team plays. You can also customise the trophy by sending in photos of your team members and having a bobblehead made with the likeness of the person or people receiving the award, instead of a standard, generic bobblehead.

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